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About us

Founded in 2016, our mission is to deliver fresh taste in every cup of coffee, with exceptional service. Our staff are trained to blend the perfect combination of fine coffee from Vietnam, with amazing machines from Italy. We believe in ethical coffee and work closely with the farmers to handpick the highest quality coffee. We also serve an excellent choice of Vietnamese street food.

Located in the backpacker area, near Ben Thanh market, we are at the heart of the dynamic Ho Chi Minh City. We hope you add us to your itinerary stop on your journey in Vietnam. It would be our honour to serve you.

Egg coffee &
        coconut coffee

Egg coffee  is a must when you come to Vietnam. Originally from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and has been a part of Vietnamese culture for years. The drink is made with egg yolk, condensed milk and Vietnamese black coffee, which create a rich, lasting taste.

The tropical climate is the influence behind another creative Vietnamese invention - coffee and coconut. The freshness of the coconut and the energy of the caffeine will refresh your mind and your body immediately, get yourself ready for the next task. Coconut coffee is an excellent choice for hot days! 

             street food

Vietnam has a great culinary tradition with countless varieties of street food. We are pleased to introduce to you some great dishes: Vietnamese banh mi, sticky rice, fresh spring roll, and crab soup. It’s not only about the food, it’s about the culture. Come and feel it!

We also offer combos at a reasonable price!

Add: 243 De Tham str., District 1, HCMC, VN


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